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Behind Crimson Eyes fansite.

Black Lit Skies.com
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Black Lit Skies, a Behind Crimson Eyes fansite.
This is a community for a Behind Crimson Eyes fansite, Black Lit Skies.

It's the first proper BCE fansite that ever existed and has been online since June 13th, 2005. News and updates will be posted here sporadically, but do check BLS.com for everything else.
Black Lit Skies offers the latest in BCE news, updates, media, interviews, discography, band info, and so much more! Be sure to stop by and check out the site!
Australians and New Zealanders who have seen the guys on tour at any time between 2004 to 2008 and have any form of media (audio, video, photos) of decent quality - we want to hear from you! E-mail us at blacklitskies@gmail.com with your submissions and please include the necessary info such as date, venue and your name so we are able to provide proper credit.
If you've been to a BCE show (2004-2007), PLEASE READ!

Black Lit Skies needs YOUR help.

Photos, setlists, support/headlining bands, highlights - we're looking for them all.

We're in the midst of updating the tour archive section of the site and would kindly appreciate your assistance. We'd love it if you could provide us with ANY of the following information regarding the show(s) you've been to in the past :

1) Date (including year) & venue
2) Scans of ticket stub/s is optional - we may set up a section for that in the gallery sometime, but you're free to send it in anyway
3) Bands that performed with BCE
4) Setlist
5) Other info such as highlights
6) Photos, audio & / or videos if you took any during the gig/s

The format/structure of the section is as follows :

City/suburb, state, country (which at this point is all Aus/NZ only)
Date, year
Tour/festival name

3. ...

Bands :
Behind Crimson Eyes, etc ...

Info :
- etc ...

Additionally, you may want to help us out by correcting/adding to the existing information currently listed on the site.

Message us, comment us or e-mail us at blacklitskies@gmail.com with your name, as you will be credited for your contribution. Please check out the relevant date(s) you wish to contribute to on the site to ensure it hasn't already been posted before contacting us :

BlackLitSkies.com > Tour > Tour Archive > Year > Date of show

Thanks in advance for your participation! =)
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